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Apr. 10th, 2007

... yep, still awake... damnit...

mmmmmm... coffee

Snow day today so no school and I've got the day off from work so I'm pretty much home today. I could go somewhere if I wanted to but on days with shitty weather like today, I'd rather not be in the buffalo.
... one of the cats is licking my workshirt... ew.
I like work, btw. Actually doing the work is ok... I've burned myself a couple times but not bad enough to require medical attention, I don't have to deal with customers yet (THANK GOD!) and the people I work with are fun with the exception of the guy who was bitching yesterday about how flunking out of college and working day and night at McDonalds doesn't get chicks but he shut-up suddenly... I'm not sure why... I was turned around and didn't get to see that part.  :(
I keep having nightmares... lastnight I killed some big fat lobster-colored guy when I jabbed his eyes out with the corner of a box of plastic gloves. At 6 this morning I woke up convinced that the house was on fire. As of right now I've been up for an hour and a half drinking coffee like it's going out of style.
Oh well, enough about me. How are you?


Oh damn. Today I have class and my first day of actual work... and sleeping last night was a joke. 
Orientation yesterday was fine, we filled out paperwork and got our unifoms. Found out that I'm not going to see a paycheck till the 22nd. damn, that sucks. That and I need to remember to take out the nose ring before work and I usually don't even remember I have one, but I don't need a warning already so out it goes.
Ok, time to go. much love kids.

an alien fetus in a jar

I went to blockbuster to cash in my free rental. I totally thought "The Wicker Man" was a new horror. Nevermind. It's 70's horror. It's just weird. Annoyingly weird...  unexplainable naked musical numbers with rythmic dances, too much slow-motion, and lots of shakey camera angles...BOO!
I got a phone call from McDonalds this morning. I GOT THE JOB! WOOHOO! I go in for orientation on sunday.
More to come later...

"Your spirit of adventure will be deadly"
WOOHOO! haven't seen that fortune come out of a cookie yet!

Got my Rolling Stone in the mail today and I came across an article about Pink Floyd and they mentioned synching it to the Wizard of Oz so I went to the site and watched the videos... http://www.rollingstone.com/rockdaily/index.php/2007/03/20/video-mashup-dark-side-of-oz/  it was pretty cool.

Does anyone know/remember the joke about the tomato store guy? I remember it being told years ago on the playground and laughing about it for days... but I don't remember how it goes. I'm probably asking for the impossible but if you got it, BUST IT OUT!

Ok, I haven't been sleeping well lately so it's nap time, bitches!

Bad juju

Upon re-examination, I may not be covered in bad juju as I had recently thought. I might be, actually, extremely lucky (especially considering I had my big bushy hair down and flying everywhere yesterday).
-When the bag of popcorn lit on fire yesterday I did not burn down the house and didn't catch my hair on fire.
-When I turned on the wrong burner on the stove, then tried to remove the cover and burned myself I didn't get burned too badly, didn't cause any major/expensive damage, and didn't light my hair on fire.
-A minor mistake in trying to jump my car (it hasn't started  for a couple days now) did not break either battery involved or catch my hair on fire, and my car eventually started then and started again this morning... the fireworks under my hood were pretty cool last night too.
-Every fish in my fish tank died yesterday. I can't really see the positive about the situation except that they seemed to die pretty quickly and there were only five of them.
I missed two class periods in a row but finally made it today. Fortunately I did not miss any quizzes or come back to have to take one, but I did have to participate in SPANISH WORLD!  I learned this morning that every year the university invites probably every high school in the U.P. to come to this fiesta-like event. There are dance groups, music, games, refreshment, and more all hosted and run by the spanish club, spanish classes, and spanish speaking volunteers of NMU. I walked almost all the way to class before I ran into some of my classmates and they turned me around and we went to find our professor at the UC where it is held. It was a mad house. There were people everywhere some looked (and acted) like they should be in middle school. We checked in with our professor and since I hadn't been there for the last couple days so I could get an assignment, she said I could just work the "loteria". Essentially I ran the picture bingo game in Spanish. It wasn't too bad until I was almost taken to the 'jail' area because I was caught using English. La Policia thought I was a high school student and they asked to see my 'spanish world' passport. I am not a HS student so I didn't have one and since I wasn't on the official help lists anywhere, they didn't believe me. They really seemed to want to put my ass in the crepe paper jail but one of my classmates (one who was actually signed up to be there) explained the situation. They let me continue working the bingo table. (I guess it is all about who you know.)  Not like jail would have been all that bad, I'd just be chilling with the other language offenders behind the crepe paper bars.
Adios amigos.

hrmmm, I could cast this better...

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phone calls

I was asleep when he called. He knows better than to get out of work at 2am his time (3am mine) and call me unless it's important. 
"I just called to see if you were up and see how you were doing."
then call me during the day
Now I'm awake. Thank-you. Sure, it's the weekend so I don't actually HAVE to be asleep now and I don't HAVE to get up in the morning but I like to keep my sleep schedule basically the same so I don't want to die on monday morning.

wow, 2007 already
haven't updated in a while...
I'm moved into the apartment now. I'm so glad to be here, it feels like home already and I'm not even in a real bed yet. A bed is in my near future... I just haven't been able to get it yet.
My 2 month non-relationship with Ben is over... I'm pretty sure most of you don't even know about Ben but he had to move back home at the end of the semester. I last saw him on Christmas morning so it hasn't been too long but it's the longest we've gone without talking since we met... I'll have to call him soon.
I'm getting a new phone soon... SOON hopefully, my old one is crapping out (actually it barely works anymore) so I'm taking the opportunity to switch to providers and phone numbers too... maybe now I'll get reception in the house!
alright kidlets, bed time for now
HAPPY NEW YEAR and may you not be hung over in the morning.

I leave tomorrow

tomorrow I leave for manton... I'll be there till the 28th so it's almost two weeks.
Par for the course, I get a little anxious because I'm going back. It happens every time, no matter how much I try to stay cool, going to manton puts me on edge.
Today I did some last minute homework that I didn't even know had been assigned till I got the e-mail from my professor saying I hadn't done it. I did my laundry and packing it up and what I haven't already packed and brought to the apartment needs to go today... which is a lot.
I sold back my books today... university is basically discontinuing the use of every book I had so I raked in all of $17... I even kept one book because it would do me more good as a reference for later classes... the bookstore would have only given me 25 cents.
Packing, cleaning, moving, and taking other people where they need to go is all I really get to do today. Hopefully I'll see Kristopher but he's working tonight so it wouldn't for very long even if it did happen.
alright... getting back to work...